The start of another busy week

This morning the farm field has been harrowed again in preparation to be re-seeded this afternoon. The tractor is hooked up to the roller ready to roll as soon as the last bit of grass seed has been sown (although this may take some time!). Aside from the group helping in the field other groups have been equally busy so far today. Some have been out mowing on the gardening round, tackling the spring grass whilst others have been in the kitchen helping to prepare a much needed lunch of mushroom soup and cottage pie. BCFC made its way on top of one of the pies thanks to an avid BCFC fan piping the mash in the kitchen today! The final group have been out starting to landscape the grounds of a local housing scheme. The horses have enjoyed a break from the rain and are still nursing grass bellies on their new field! They aren’t so keen on being muzzled but I’m sure they will appreciate it later on in the year when they won’t have to wear them! The chickens are still waiting to move into their new home, but will be moved as soon as the clips for the fence arrive and our fitted! We have had another new arrival in the shape of a cockerel (name yet to be chosen!), we are hoping to incubate some of the hen’s eggs in the next month!

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