Pasties and pedicures!

Here’s a picture of the delicious home made pasties that warmed us all up at the farm during lunch, none of the food got tagged with a football name today! The chickens have settled in to their new pen really well with even Dawson (my dog) unintentionally testing the electric fence! Its definitely safe to say that it works, poor lad! The landscape gardening project is coming along really well, with the base for the glass house being put down today. Luckily it was just before the heavens opened and we managed to avoid getting wet and covered in sand at the same time! In wood work the majority of planters are now sanded down and we all have suitable fake tans from the sanding down process!

And finally here’s a picture of Basil getting a manicure and pedicure from the farrier yesterday! He had some new ‘nike air’ trainers (heart bar shoes) fitted to help with his arthritis. All of the other horses are barefoot and so just had a trim.

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