A busy week so far!

Its been a busy week so far at the farm. On Tuesday a group of staff from RBS came to the farm to help start renovating one cabins which will soon house a new outdoor nursery.  The small tractor was in full force being used to transport materials to and from the cabin.

Preparations are underway for the bank holiday weekend including extra poopicking to make sure the field is squeaky clean before the four day break! The new building has been decorated with union jack flags ready for a buffet lunch on friday to celebrate the Queens Jubilee, which all the project workers are looking forward to!

In the barn the first order of planters are almost finished and will be making their way to the local sports field for the weekend.  The next lot of planters are then due to be  varnished for a natural look, as well as some large planters being custom made.

There are lots of new growth in the green house with bedding plants now and in this heat its a big task making sure they are watered well and dont dry out! Strimming has been key over the last few days as a nettle jungle suddenly appeared and engulf the farm following the recent bout of sunshine!

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