Boat anyone???

Well the weather is definatley testing out everyone’s patience here at the farm! None of us know whether to wear waterproofs or sun cream! But as always there has been lots to do an its been yet another busy week. Firstly a huge thank you to a group of seven Lloyds bank staff who came to the farm to volunteer last week! One of the veg beds is now ready to plant up with some thing tasty for chef to use in the cafe!

And another huge thank you goes to National grid again. Another group came to the farm all day on Wednesday and continued to work on the poly tunnel planters and gave our front entrance a revamp in the torrential rain! The entrance looks great and is another fantastic development which adds to the farm.

The horses have had their feet trimmed this week, but have really been suffering with the amount of horse flys which have suddenly appeared! They aren’t alone as many of us have also been sampled by the local horse fly population and we are proving to be tasty!

The storm last week was tremendous and we all quickly found things to do inside whilst the heavens opened! It looked like someone had flicked off the light switch at 10.30am!

The green house is flourishing with plants now, it appear to be the only thing that resembles a warm dry summer at the moment!

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