Sun bathing chickens and pots of potatoes!

I think everyone was as shocked as we were at the lovely day we had yesterday! We actually managed to do some fun things like grooming the horses, who are some where in between growing their winter coat early and trying to get rid of it again as soon as the sun’s out! We even managed to do the gardening round in our t-shirts! The chickens also took  advantage of the weather and indulged in a group sunbathing session …

We are back to normal today though and are in our waterproofs from head to toe again! We are starting to consider building an ark to get us up and down the lane as once again its very flooded! There are some potatoes growing in containers outside the poly tunnels as well as our vegetable beds this year, and even on a gloomy day like today they seem to be thriving (as well as drenching us further as we walk past them)!.


The project workers who are in the barn this morning are helping to finish off one of the benches which has been ordered.  Lets hope we get to sit out on the benches we have around the farm as well before winter arrives!

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