Bath Time!

Well what a week weather wise! Some brilliant sunshine lit up the farm and it finally felt like summer time! (although whilst I’m writing this the rain is currently torrential!) The sunshine has perked up all of the plants at the farm, and the cottage garden created by Amlin 2 years ago is thriving. The poly tunnels are full of tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as some other veg including pak choi.

Some of the horses had a nice refreshing bath this week to help keep the cool. Billie took a liking to dunking her nose in the hose pipe trying to soak us all! The sunny weather meant that even the Defender got a bath this week, getting rid of weeks worth of mud from driving up the wet lane. And the baths didn’t stop there! Even the chickens got the pampering treatment with a bath to help eliminate any mites they may have.

The king kong sun flowers are really starting to grow now! The aim is that they will provide some natural shade to the green house. On friday we had to deal with a leaky water pipe. Dawson was on hand to lend his expert opinion but was very forthcoming when it came to digging the hole!

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