Berry’s cafe news…

We have now finally got a date for the electricity to be finished for Berry’s cafe! Woohooo! For those of you that don’t know, when the new building was finished there was a shortage in the electricity needed to supply it. This has meant that all the lovely food we have been eating so far has been cooked using only one oven, stove and microwave! The electricity will  make a huge difference to the running of the kitchen and will result in  it being open to the public for meals as well. The photo below is when work started back in June 2011 and hopefully the work on the electric cable will start at the end of August.


The horticulture group are continuing to landscape the garden at a local housing scheme. We will get a photo once its finished but for now we have enjoyed moments like the photo below where the pots have been strapped into the mini bus to keep them safe!

The tractor is now back from the mechanics and is fully functioning again! It will be out in force at some point over the next week removing some of the nettles growing up the side of the horse field. As always please don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook! We now have a you tube channel which we

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