Guest blogger…

Yesterday afternoon one of our project workers wrote a small blog about what he got up to yesterday….


Today on the farm there is no electric on in the new cafe because the builders are sorting out the new electrics in the barn. They are having to use  a generator to cook the food.


In the morning our group held a mini Olympics with Jimbo and Willow (two of our horses). This was to see how good or bad we are at handling the horses.  We also watched Billy (another one of our horses) get lunged. She was feeling a bit feisty.  She was being silly and slipped but she was fine and then did some jumps on the lunge.


In the afternoon i helped another project worker write down the numbers 1 to 10 in college.



One response to “Guest blogger…

  1. Hello
    I have been working at the farm today, teaching literacy and computers to the staff. We talked and wrote about plants and things people did with their bank holiday. Everyone working here does a really good job looking after the animals, cooking lunch and working in their classes. What a lovely place to visit, and be part of.

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