Sorry for being quiet!!!

Sorry for the quiet patch on the blog! It has been yet again another busy few weeks on the farm. We now have all the electricity we need to supply the new building and are in the process of having all the extra kitchen appliances installed. I think chef is most excited about having the dishwasher up and running most of all! He’s hiding his excitement below!

Hopefully many of you will have seen our Facebook and Twitter feeds and will have seen the video of a chick hatching. We have 10 new arrivals which have made the end stable home with a nice heat lamp to keep them warm on these chilly nights. Another 26 eggs have gone into the incubator so that next year we will have more hens to keep supplying us with their yummy eggs!


The horses are beginning to seriously grow their winter coats and are starting to resemble fluffy teddy bears!  The gardening round is really thriving with a couple of new contracts being acquired. They have had to deal with all sorts of extreme weather so far this year! But always do an excellent job! Below is a picture of them battling with the long grass around the farm…


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