A helping hand…

Well what a week it has been! Wednesday saw 15 staff from IMI come to the farm to help with various tasks. They split into two groups, one tidying all the wood away from the back of the wood store and the other digging away some of the driveway and laying new kerb stones ready for it to be filled in like the rest of the drive.

They only had the afternoon with us and did a fantastic job – meeting all the goals they had set themselves. Thank you again for all your help!

This Saturday (22nd September) there is an event taking place at Tudor Grange Park (Solihull) called fun in the park. The farm has kindly been chosen as one of it charities  so if you are free on Saturday please pop along and join in the fun! Please visit their website for more information http://www.funinthepark.co.uk

The chicks are growing incredibly fast and are becoming more comical everyday! We are all anxious to find out what colour they will grow into as the black chicks especially have very different markings.

The King Kong sunflowers are finally in bloom and tower above the cottage garden created by Amlin. It is amazing that they are so tall and require no support whatsoever! I think next year we should have a sun flower growing competition to see whose grows the tallest!



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