News from CGS….


The community garden project at Saxon Way is an exciting programme of help for local residents offered by adults with learning disabilities, which gives our project workers a sense of worth and teaches them independent life skills, as well as helping pensioners and private customers.

The staff at Land Rover Solihull have kindly nominated CGS as their chosen charity to sponsor for two years. Jaguar Land Rover also came out to help at CGS for one day…

It all started with a visit on site to CGS to meet and talk to the project workers about what they would like to see in their new allotment area, and any other ideas they had. A plan was made before the project started so that there was a clear idea of what was to be done.

A group of 30 staff then came out from land rover to start work on the area! The team worked nonstop from 9 till 4.30 helping to create a tyre wall, a circular patio in front of the tyre wall, some raised beds, a BBQ area, and the beginnings of a fruit cage. The Mayor of Solihull even came out to see what work had been done!

A few days after Jaguar Land Rover had left CGS Danny received some news …

The staff at Land Rover had kindly entered us into a prize draw where a number of other charities had their names entered. The prize was to win car!!! Lady luck was definitely on our side as our name was pulled out! We now have a great new defender in production which will take ownership of early next year.

Thank you again to Land Rover for their continuing support and to the hard working staff from Jaguar Land Rover who gave their time to give our allotment a big make over!

One response to “News from CGS….

  1. I would like to thank everyone from jaguar who attended the allotment make over. They worked very hard and were polite and respectful, also a big thank you to the project workers based here at C.G.S who demonstrated patience and made everyone welcome, which made all the staff very proud.

    Geoff Holmes , staff member C.G.S

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