Open Day 19th October 2012!



Its that time of year again where we invite everyone down to the farm to see what we are getting up to and to show how we have grown over the last twelve months! A huge amount has changed since the last open day! The idea behind the open day is to invite everyone to come and see what we get up to in our groups on a day to day basis and to join in with some of the activities.
Please download the leaflet above and hand it out to those who you think would like to come!

In other news the farm has been extremely busy over the last two weeks. The builders are back on site to finish off the drive and to help level the riding arena ready for its new surface. I’m sure the horses cant wait to get back into the arena to do some hard work!

The garden at Tivoli court is look fantastic! The horticulture team at the farm did a fantastic job and will be a great space for the residents to enjoy!

Finally here’s a first attempt at a panoramic view of the back of Berry’s Cafe! We will try to take  some more over the next week of all over the farm!


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