National grid visit the farm again!

National grid have been back to the farm this week to help out once again. The original plan was for them to come and lay some slate slabs outside the front of the new building and a path across the back to  the decking area. Mother nature definatley didn’t want this project to take off and once again threatened heavy rain! Because of this the 30 staff that joined us for the day kindly opted to do some other jobs we needed to finish around the farm. The list of jobs the groups helped with was fantastic, and has really helped in our preparation for our open day next week! The jobs they completed were as follows …

  • finish constructing the plant beds in the poly tunnel
  • log splitting
  • oiled the decking furniture

  • oiled the decking

  • Painting the field fence

  • Finishing the drive entrance surface and kerb stones

Thank you to all the staff that came during the day and for all their hard work. As well as all the jobs they completed througout the day national grid staff have also kindly raised £2400 for the cost of materials for the slate slabs. We will complete this at a later date and will keep national grid updated on the progress!

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