Horse arena construction…

The arena has started to be filled with the new surface and already 70 tonnes of silica sand has made its way to the farm all the way from Cheshire. Once all the sand is in we will add a top layer of rubber to ensure a nice springy surface to work on and ride the horses in. Here’s a little about what we have done so far…

Laid a hardcore base layer

Put a geotextile membrane down for the surface to lie on

Spread silica sand 10cm thick all over

and roll, roll, roll!


We still have lots to do and have at least another 30 tonnes to move, but by the end of today just over 100 tonnes of silica sand will of been moved into the arena. A huge thank you to the project workers who have really grafted hard this week moving the sand, we will soon be enjoying the result of all our hard work when we can take the horses in for the first time.


After spreading the silica sand we then laid 5cm of rubber chippings all over. We only have to harrow the school once per week and try to roll it at least every other week. It rides really well!





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