We can’t get enough of digging…

We just can’t get enough of digging here at NBF and now we have moved all the sand into the arena it was time for a new challenge. Que 120 tonnes of top soil kindly donated by the NEC for us to use around the farm.  It looks like we have some super size moles around the farm! Thank you so much to the team at the NEC for dropping it off to us and for letting us have it. It’s already made its way into the cottage garden and will be making its way down to the veg beds shortly! The horticulture team will have muscles like Popeye once it is all moved!


Our new arrival has settled in well and has only one thing on his mind…. eating! The other horses took to badger really well with just a few squeals coming from all of them! We now just have to make sure we don’t get our B’s mixed up as we now have a Badger, Billie and a Basil!

The gardening team are making their way through their winter work schedule and are trimming lots of hedges and collecting leaves. The team in Berry’s cafe keeps us all full up with delicious freshly cooked food, which is becoming an essential in this wet winter weather!

The wood work groups have been working on tool recognition and are becoming very good at it! They have also been working on using screw drivers and being able to screw into bits of wood un-aided.


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