Guest bloggers!

Its been another snowy week at the farm! We have made the most of it and have had fun creating a snow horse and three snow men. Aside from having fun some of us have got serious arm ache  from all the snow shoveling!

BBTYrJCCQAI0xIg.jpg large

All of the animals have been very grumpy in this weather, especially the horses who have stayed out in the field throughout!  We’ve been giving them plenty of hay and have wrapped them up nice and warm in their rugs. The kitchen team have made sure that all the staff and project workers have been kept warm with some delicious food being served at lunch time!

snow pictures 023

Our blog is continuing to evolve so please keep having a look around the site to see what changes we are making! The blog this week has been written by Steve and Paul. They have  also helped to finish off the blog by adding new pictures and information. Well done Guys!

snow pictures 020snow pictures 015

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