Update time!

Wow time soon disappears and we haven’t updated anyone for a couple of weeks on what has been happening at the farm sorry!

The weather has made a dramatic difference and has given everything a kick-start in its preparations for spring! The horses have started to lose their winter coats and the green house is filling up with lots of plants and vegetable seedlings.


We will soon be taking full advantage of eating our lunch in the sunshine and overlooking the field on Berry’s cafes brilliant decking. Please be sure to pop down and have a coffee or lunch with us! We are open from 10am to 2pm weekdays!

Billie the horse hasn’t been able to enjoy the sunshine this week as she has got an ulcer on her eye caused by her scratching it on something she shouldn’t! The vet is pleased with her progress and she should be back out in the field soon! Jimbo has come down from the field to keep her company whilst she is recovering in the stable.


The project workers have all been taking part in training courses now offered at the farm in manual handling, food hygiene, fire safety and first aid. These courses offer valuable life skills enabling the project workers to put their knowledge to use around the farm and at home.

If anyone is looking for training for themselves or businesses in health and safety, first aid, manual handling or food safety please contact our training unit who are offering regular training dates in these areas. Visit http://www.fcttraining.co.uk or call 0121 770 8610 for more information.

The chickens have started to up their egg production with the lighter nights! Some have got a little more carried away than others and have being laying super size eggs! We can’t even close the egg box!


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