Busy times!

As usual we are all trying to keep up with the weather at the farm!

All the materials needed to make this years hanging baskets have arrived, with a bit more warm weather the plants will be ready to go in them ready for a brilliant summer display!


Over the last two weeks almost everyone has been helping to cut back the hazel nut and hawthorn trees in the top horse field so that over the next two years we can train them to grow in a hedge.


Billie’s eye is on the mend, she’s still under the supervision of the vet but she is now back in the field with her friends which she is very happy about!


The gardening group have been working hard doing all sorts of jobs before the busy grass cutting season starts in April. As well as a fully stocked log store the group have also done some paving outside the front of Berry’s Cafe. Project workers and staff from CGS have also helped with some of the paving which has really helped to put a finishing touch to the front of the Cafe. They have also serviced all their mowers, strimmers and blowers ready for a busy season!


The wood work team have been busy creating all sorts of things out of wood in the barn including hedgehogs and butterflys! We will be looking to get some more chickens soon and will be talking to local breeders so that we start to build up a mix of all shapes and sizes in our chicken coop again.

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