Jelf come to the farm!

A group of 18 employees from Jelf (consultancy company) joined us at the farm yesterday to develop our recycled garden in the horticultural area. The old saying of ‘April showers’ was definitely proven yesterday and the group got blasted with strong winds, heavy showers and sun!

photo(66) photo(68)

There was a real team spirit amongst the group and they took on all aspects of the challenge with real enthusiasm (even in the rain)! The team constructed a tyre wall, a patio area and a living roof! The Berry’s cafe team supplied a much needed lunch of spicy carrot soup and spaghetti bolognase to get them ready for another afternoons hard work.


Everyone at the farm would like to thank the Jelf staff for their time and hard work at the farm. They have done a fantastic job and the garden is now well on the way to becoming a useable space for the project workers in the future. Hopefully everyone’s muscles aren’t aching too much this morning!

photo(69)Apart from Jelf coming to the farm, everything else has been busy as usual! The plants have been coming on well and have finally had the sun and warmer weather to start growing! The horses have moved onto their summer field and are happy getting more on the ‘larger side’ again! The gardening team have got their teeth into the grass cutting season and have been taking on new jobs as part of their round. Berry’s cafe continues to provide brilliant food which gives all the staff and project workers the energy they need to work hard throughout the day.

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