RSA come to the farm!

Yet another busy week at the farm! A group of employees from RSA joined us for the day  on Wednesday to help us with some jobs that we often don’t get time to do. They decided that they would give our pool room and toilets a much-needed lick of paint!

The toilets are now nice and bright and look new again!

photo(90)The pool room is a porta cabin where the  project workers have their morning meeting, breaks and have the chance to keep dry if its raining! It was beginning to look a bit old and in desperate need of a make over!

photo(91)A huge thanks to the team who really brightened both areas up! They rejoined us on Thursday to use our large training room for a meeting.

College continues to be a popular subject at the farm. On Fridays the project workers can develop their ICT skills where they can access the internet and look at any areas that might be of interest to them. This partnership is run with Birmingham Met College who also come to the farm another two days a week to provide numeracy and literacy courses.

823Berry’s Cafe now allows the project workers to have their college courses in the training rooms providing them with a great learning environment.

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