Open day success!

Well Friday 13th turned out to be a lucky one for us! When preparing in the morning the sky threatened to rain a couple of times and had us worried but it came up trumps and gave us a perfect afternoon.

It felt like one of our busiest open days yet with lots of activities for all to get involved in. The horses behaved in their displays (phew) and stood perfectly for people to come and have a go at grooming them. The farms home-made apple juice was a huge success with all of it being sold on the day! We have been busy juicing since so have lots more available now!

It was lovely to see Berry’s Cafe full, with everyone enjoying it as much as we all do on the farm.  The wood working teams hard work paid off, as the shop looked brilliant full of all the things they had made ready for the day.

Thank you to all that came from the staff and project workers. Your ongoing support means a huge amount to us as we continue to develop and grow.

Thank you again

Everyone at Newlands Bishop Farm

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