Well so much has happened since the open day its hard to keep track! In conjunction with the Calvert Trust the farm was host to a camping weekend for project workers! The weather warmed up again just in time and a fantastic time was had by all!

Camping began on friday night, and saturday consisted on canoeing up to Knowle and back. I think the campfire was much deserved on Saturday night as were the bacon sarnies on Sunday morning!

photo (15)

The farm has become an apple juice making machine thanks to the guys in the horticulture groups. It’s a real team effort making sure all the apples are chopped, mashed, and squeezed before the juice is bottled! Check out some of the fun equipment they have in there!

The horse care group are off to Horse Of Year Show tomorrow to watch some of the international show jumping they hold there as the showing classes and displays.

It’s that time of year where pumpkins are in abundance so the chef is making the most of it….

photo (16)

(he’s been making pumpkin soup as well!)





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