Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

As always we are starting the new year full steam ahead and have started a few new projects! This includes our new aviary. We have been very fortunate and Solihull Lions have kindly donated £680 for us to build the aviary and fill it full of birds!

We are looking to fill the aviary with either budgies or zebra finches and canaries! The choice lies with the project workers who are yet to vote on it! To make way for the new addition we have taken down (demolished) the old shed next to the hay store as it was very rotten.
photo 1 (4)
We have got to relay the slabs so that it is level and the search has started for the perfect aviary!
photo 2 (4)
We had to find new homes for all the huge spiders (more like tarantulas) that had made the old shed their home!
photo (20)

The living walls which was created by staff from Sytner BMW has started to be filled with lots of lovely herbs and plants. When the weather warms up and spring arrives the plants will cover all of the material used to keep the soil in.
photo (19)

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