Many Thanks!

The year is flying so fast that we forgot to post a blog for March! Woops! So lots to update you on in this blog…

Two weeks ago the farm was lent a helping hand from Workman (Park management), Honeywell, Securitas, Service Master, Integrias Landscapes and Kingcombe Aquacare from Birmingham Business Park who joined us for the day to help us with some jobs. The team split into three with one group putting up the summer house which we moved from CGS, another group took on the endless task of painting the fencing around the farm, and the final group helped renovate the compost bins which needed lots of attention and new rails!
photo (33)

photo (31)

photo (32)

photo (35)

The groups achieved a huge amount in just one day which has a massive impact on both project workers and staff at the farm. We would like to thank all the groups that came and lent us a helping hand last week and would also like to say a huge thank you to David from Securitas for the Β£350 worth of tools which were also donated.

photo (34)

On 15/04/2014 the aviary was officially opened by Solihull Lions who kindly donated the money for us to purchase and fill the aviary with budgies. The avairy has been an amazing addidtion to the farm and we are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of some chicks which are due to hatch any day!

Its the time of year where the green house starts to become over run with bedding plants and hanginig baskets ready for the summer ahead. The horticulture team are busy giving the plants the very best start so that they perform right through the summer.
image (1)

The gardening team are now full steam ahead in their grass cutting season, they work incredibly hard in all weathers and still produce fantastic finishes on the gardens they tend to.

The barn is (as always) bursting with creativity and the project workers have now being creating fairy doors to hide around the farm. They are such a fantasic idea and everyones personal style really shines through in the door that they make.
photo (36)

The horses and sheep are doing fantastic and its that satisfying time of year where the horses loose their big winter coats and replace it with smooth summer ones. The only downside to this is that we all come out of the field wearing the horses winter coats after giving them a groom!
photo (26)

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