Summer time!

Wow time is flying and it has been over two months since we last blogged! Apologies! As usual the farm is a hive of activity and it continues to go from strength to strength.

We have had groups from EE and from N Power join us since we last blogged to come and lend us a helping hand all over the farm! Thanks to the groups we now have a beautifully weeded veg patch, newly stained patio furniture and decking. It takes a massive amount of effort to do all of these tasks and on behalf of everyone at the farm we would like to thank all the individuals from EE and N Power who joined us!
photo (3)

The aviary is going from strength to strength and we have three new arrivals! One of our budgies successfully reared three chicks which have now fledged and join the main group in the flight. They are still a little nervous and can be seen clinging on for dear life on some of the perches! However they will soon grow in confidence and will fly around the aviary like the rest of the gang!

photo (6)
photo (11)

Its been so long since our last blog that we havent mentioned our sales day! It was a huge success and we raised over £1000 through the sales of all the farms produce. Thank you to everyone that came and made it such an enjoyable day! We will have our normal ‘open day’ at some point in september which we will let you know about in the up and coming months.
photo (10)

The wood work team are continuing to produce amazing things in the barn and keep coming up with great ideas!

As you can see Badger hasn’t been affected by the fast pace of the work surrounding him…

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