November at the farm so far…

The dark nights have arrived and we are now entering the beginnings of winter! The farm looks spectacular at this time of the year…
photo (51)

We would like to say a huge thank you to the employees from N Power who joined us last week and the employees from Jaguar Landrover who have given their time to the farm over the last three days. They have helped to transform the vegetable beds ready for lots of growing next year! We are always so grateful for the time you give to help us at the farm, thank you again!

The wood work teams have started to make some beautiful craft items to give homes a festive feel! We will be attending some craft events before Christmas to sell some of our items, we will let you know when it is confirmed! photo (52)

The horses have got their extra thick coats on now keeping them nice and warm on these cold nights. To give the budgies a helping hand in the winter we have fully insulated the shed part of their aviary and have place a roof on the outside flight to give them extra protection. photo (53)

We had our own belated bonfire this year and burnt lots of hedge trimmings which the gardening teams have been busy tidying up! photo (48)

This is the time of year where the grass cutting season ends and our gardening teams begin to undertake garden tidy ups, hedge trimming and landscape jobs. If you know anyone who may need this service please ask them to give us a call on 0121 711 2939!

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