2015 Has already got off to a flying start! The gardening teams have been busy working on some raised beds for Coppice Junior School. They have certainly had to deal with their fair share of wet weather but i think you will all agree that it looks fantastic.



Well done to the project workers and staff who helped with this transformation, you have done an amazing job!

This is the time of year where the animals get extra hungry and they require that bit of extra food to keep warm! The chickens have been enjoying some black sunflower seeds to top up their feed rations and the quails have been treated to some meal worms!

We use the colder weather to assist the horses in losing some of the extra weight they gained over the summer. They all have nice warm rugs ready to go on them when the weather turns particularly bad. This photo of marple covered in frost shows how efficient horses are at keeping warm in the winter as she is wasting no energy in melting the frost on her coat.

We have had some exciting news that all of our ewes are expecting lambs in early March. This is the first time we have done this and will keep you all up to date closer to the time!

Berrys cafe has been keeping us all warm in this colder weather and has been providing us with lots of delicious fresh hot food to warm us up at lunch times! Over christmas we took to the kitchen to help make plans for another new building at the farm in the future!

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