New Arrivals

Welcome to our March blog, and what a lot of lamb pictures we have to share with you!


A week earlier than expected our two of our lovely ewes decided to give birth to their lambs! The first ewe successfully had one lamb and the second ewe had three lambs! Because they had them so close together we were able to adopt one of the triplets onto the ewe who just had one, meaning that both ewes had two lambs each which was healthier for the ewes and the lambs. The adoption went really well and both came on leaps and bounds.


Over the course of the next two weeks the rest of the ewes had their lambs and created a grand total of 9 new lambs.


It has been an amazing experience and one which we hope to do again (once we have caught up on our sleep!). The lamb cam was worth every penny and allowed us to spot the signs of labour in three ewes when we wasn’t actively looking at them in the stable!



Each lamb and ewe have matching numbers so we know who belongs to who and who arrived first!

The horticulture groups are busy starting to grow on the bedding plants ready for us to sell on our sales day in May as well as preparing the vegetable beds ready to grow veg for Berrys Cafe.



CGS – Community gardening services have been super busy doing some more landscaping jobs! Take a look at the work they have been doing…



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