IMI come to the farm in force!

120 IMI employees made their way to the farm last week for three hours carrying out various make overs all over the farm. There was plenty of painting, demolishing, digging, bashing, pruning and drilling take place! What a fabulous transformation all of the teams made in their own areas, here are a few pictures to show all the hard work that took place!



The beginnings of our new beach garden


The riding arena getting a freshen up with a lick of paint


The stable block also getting a freshen up and a team member bringing in some material to use in the new recycled garden fence from tidying up the hedges in the lane


New cloches for the vegetable beds being made and the remains of an old shed being transported up to the fire


Posts being bashed in to surround the recycled garden, ready to be weaved with old brash cleared by another team from the lane


Old perimeter fencing being removed and new being put up

To enable this to take place IMI also contributed an amazing Β£4500 so that we could pay for the materials needed for the day to take place.


The new beach garden looking great!


The recycled garden now enclosed with its new recycled brash fencing

The project workers have loved all of the work which has taken place and are pleased to see that some of the ideas they came up with in their project worker forum coming to life!

Thank you again to all the staff that came on the day and for all the hard work and effort put into all the projects. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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