January Blues? Not here!

Hello everyone and welcome to 2016! As always there is lots to show you! To begin here are some fantastic sun rises/ sun sets at the farm which have taken place over the past week.




Cheese the cat has been up to his usual naughty antics! He managed to jump up onto Jimbo and proceeded to fall asleep! Jimbo must be a comfy cushion (but not a very clean one!).


The farm got a sprinkle of snow on the weekend which is when we put our hay to good use. The horses enjoyed all the extra food which makes the extra hard task of bringing the hay in during the hot summer worth while!


The sheep have no problem keeping warm in this cold weather! They all got scanned this week and it was confirmed that all 5 ewes are expecting lambs! The red circle on the scan below is one of the lambs! The sheep maternity wing will re-open its doors in about 7 weeks time….



Check out the butterflies being made in the barn! They have some great ideas which we will be able to share with you soon…


Finally Terrance the tortoise is still fast asleep in his burrow. We added him some sheep wool in his hotel to keep him extra toasty in this cold weather!


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