Mega March

March has been a wonderful time at the farm where we have welcomed 11 new lambs! The ewes are (as always) brilliant mothers, which is good news for us as Amy and Lilly had triplets! We will be keeping a close eye on these moms and lambs in particular to make sure that everyone is getting enough food and milk!


To allow the lambs to have constant access to extra feed but not other greedy ewes the wood work team built a ‘lamb creep’ where the lambs can go in and nibble! They rely on their mothers milk for the first three weeks but will start to nibble other food as well during this time. As we have triplets offering food like this ensures that they can always have some extra food as well as moms milk during this time.


Cheese has been keeping an eye on the rest of the stable yard whilst we were all busy keeping an eye on the lambs. Pineapple and cheese our cats have loved been around late at night helping with lambing! They are also experts at scaring you when its dark as well!


It has also been a busy time in the horticulture area! We now have a green house bursting with young bedding plants which are being expertly looked after by our horticulture groups.


Thank you to all that have sponsored us for our wolf run which is in just over a weeks time! We are fundraising for a new tractor for the project workers to use around the farm! If you would like to donate please visit our just giving page


Thank you for all your support! Please pop down and visit the farm during the Easter holidays and check out whats going on!

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