JLL come to the farm!

JLL (who provide professional real estate services/ investment) came to the farm in force last Friday! Over 55 people came to the farm to help us crack on with some massive jobs! Check out what they have been up to…

One team began log splitting our huge pile of logs so that the split wood can be seasoned through the summer and will be ready to use in the log boiler to heat Berrys Cafe in the winter. They filled a whole log bay!

BBTYrJCCQAI0xIg.jpg large IMG_7130 IMG_7133

Weeding the vegetable beds is always an ongoing task as weeds just love growing in our well fertilized ground! A helping hand to keep on top of it is always appreciated!

IMG_7136 IMG_7138 IMG_7140

Wow what a huge ask this was! We set this team the task of digging out a trench through the farm field so that we could route water to our (soon to be) new pig enclosure and the far field. The ground has been baked recently and the pick axes had to come out to break it all up! Well done team!

IMG_7144 IMG_7145 IMG_7147

We are in the process of changing the flow of the farm so that visitors have a pathway at the back of Berrys cafe to the horticulture area and wont have to walk through the centre of the farm which is often very busy. This team helped us carry on with this so that we can get it up and running as soon as possible 🙂

IMG_7148 IMG_7150

Another team tackled our decking and outdoor furniture which has had a long winter outside and needed some tlc! Everything got jet washed and then treated to some teak oil and decking oil! It looks brand new again now!


The last team of the day also helped with our plan of improving the flow of the farm by installing two gates at the side of Berrys Cafe so that we can lock off the centre of the farm for safety if needed. Digging through the hardcore drive set the day off to a challenging start but at the end of the day both gates were completed and looked fantastic!


A massive thank you to the JLL team who made all this happen! What you achieved in a day would have taken us weeks to achieve and we cannot thank you enough for your time and effort to get these projects done!

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