Sales Day Sunshine

Wow the weather really delivered this sales day! The sun shone and the field was full of cars. We have changed the layout of the farm and so it meant that we had to change the normal positioning of things!

Berrys cafe was stocked full of lovely cakes and food ready for everyone to tuck into…


The wood work team had a variety of crafts on sale outside the back of Berrys cafe which looked fantastic in the sunshine.


The hanging baskets and bedding plants sold really well and we know that they will only continue to look better throughout the summer in everyone’s gardens.


The horses were based in the arena this year and watched all of the action whilst getting a good groom from all the visitors. They looked super shiny by the end of the day!


The day was a massive success and over Β£1200 was raised which will go straight back into developing the farm. A huge thank you to everyone that came and made the day a success. Your support is invaluable and the project workers love taking the time to get the farm ready to show it off to visitors. We will continue to develop the new layout to make it better for the future and also so that visitors get to walk through the field and see the animals on the other side of the fence. Thank you again for all your support we really couldn’t do it without you all…


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