August Already!

Our good friends from National Grid came to help us out at the farm again last week! They made us a new bench for the sea-side garden and helped us carry on with the log splitting.

The team of 15 worked relentlessly through the day and considering it was the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures reaching 30 degrees we would like to give them an extra special thank you!

We have had some great weddings at the farm this year with our last one being held this weekend. Our last even of the year for weddings will be a wedding fayre held at the farm on September 11th. We will post more details as we get closer to the time.


Our hay has made some fantastic couches in the field! We are now waiting to get this years hay cut but the weather hasn’t held long enough for us to do it yet! We will have to keep doing our weather dance!


You may have seen on our twitter page recently that West Midlands Ambulance Service donated a brand new defibrillator to the farm as well as training the staff on how to use it. This amazing piece of kit means that we will be able to offer life saving support both at the farm and for the community. We even made it into the Metro on Friday! Check out the full post here FullSizeRender

Check out these tasty artichokes grown at the farm! Beautiful and delicious what a combo!


Terrance is having a wonderful time out in his outdoor enclosure and is taking full advantage of all the good salad and veg grown at the farm!


The table garden has got some amazing flowers growing from it and they smell wonderful! If you pass them on your way into the cafe be sure to have a smell!


This is the time of year where planing starts already for next years crops. The veg team have been busy collecting coriander seeds this week so that we have plenty to us for new plants next year. This ensures we have a good succession of plants as well as them being free! 

Finally a picture of cheeky cheese helping to check the horses in the morning. Luckily the horses are used to him and his crazy antics!


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