New Look Blog!

We hope that you like the new look to our blog site! It is still a work in progress but we will continue to update it throughout the year! Badger and Jimbo were keen to upload their selfie for us all to see on the new slider feature!


October brings the start of the tupping season so ‘Harry the ram’ joined the farm this week. All being well we will hopefully have some more lambs again in March! We decided to keep all of the ewe lambs born at the farm this year and they are happy on ‘lawn mower duties’. They will join the main flock to be bred from in October 2017, check them out in the picture below!


We have published the information for our up and coming Christmas sales day on Friday 2nd December 2016. We know it’s a little early, but we wanted to give everyone lots of time to pencil it in their diaries! We will have some wonderful real trees and wreaths available to buy as well as Christmas crafts from the barn.


The autumn sun shine is fantastic first thing in the morning and late in the evening. The beach garden looks especially wonderful at this time of year…


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