Our bug hotel is officially open!

Happy new year to all our lovely supporters of the farm! We had some great news last week that all of our ewes are pregnant so we will be lambing again in March! This will be our third time lambing but with only four ewes this year. All being well we will then lamb all 9 of our ewes in 2018 which will hopefully result in lots more lambs for us to look after!



The frosty mornings make everything sparkle at the farm and in turn we usually get a lovely get sunrise to match! The frost also means that we can go in the fields without getting covered in mud which is a real treat he he!



The horticulture team have been developing the recycled garden further and have made a fantastic ‘bug hotel’. It will enable all of the bugs and small mammals to have a place to hide in the cold weather and to keep dry. The picture doesn’t do it justice so next time you’re at the farm be sure to pop in and check it out!


As many of you will have seen on our Facebook page the young ewe lambs have taken to sharing their Christmas treats with Miss Marple! Luckily she is more than willing to share, unlike the other horses!


We have a very exciting year ahead at the farm, with the pig and bee areas aiming to be completed this spring. Hopefully by the end of 2017 we may have our own honey and bacon at the farm! We will also be hosting lots of weddings throughout the year in the farm field so we have got a very busy 2017 ahead of us!


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