Storm Doris Vodafone Rescue Team

On Wednesday a team of 10 Vodafone service managers joined us at the farm to help start rebuilding some of the fencing damaged by storm Doris. They very kindly decided to help re-build our muck heap which looked like a bad guy with laser vision had sliced through the concrete posts after the shelter had taken off and smashed through it. It was a huge task to under take and involved digging out all the original posts, creating new holes and concreting the new posts back in again.

The painting crew giving the panels a new lease of life and ensuring they will be protected from the weather for years to come.

The digging crew ensuring that these posts are going to stay put for a very long time to come!


The team did an amazing job re-building the back section of the muck heap, it was a huge under taking and we couldn’t believe how much was rebuilt in just one day! Vodafone are always huge supporters of the farm and we want to thank the team of 10 that came out and battled with the weather, muck and digging to help us get this re-built. Thank you so much and please be sure to come back and see us in the summer!

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