Animal updates

You might have seen our post earlier in the week where cheese the cat was sat in the duck bowl, yesterday he clearly wanted to change species again and decided to be a sheep ha ha! He is a great farm cat, he does his job as well as being a huge fuss pot!

The pigs are growing fast and are really enjoying the huge amount of space they have in their paddock! Don’t be fooled by how clean they look in this picture they love nothing more than having a good roll in the mud around the water drinker…

Dawsons sheep dog training is still ongoing (it has lasted 5 years so far!). He looks like he’s doing a great job but really the lambs are just following the bucket of food!

The grass cutting team are keeping the farm in tip-top condition! We still have some more weddings to take place during September and the farm is looking fantastic thanks to the gardening teams hard work!

The bees are all settled in and have done a great job building their hive from 5 frames to 10! They are very calm and have been a great source of entertainment when we are dressing up in the bee suits!

As some of you saw our week began on a sad note with the loss of our beautiful Basil. He was a larger than life character who kept all the other horses in check! He taught so many project workers about how to handle a larger horse and was a gentle patient boy.

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