Juicing and Jamming

Farm life is busy as ever so here’s a snapshot of whats been going on! There is always plenty of fencing to be re-done at the farm and we have now started at the bottom of the farm field. We are trying to replace it in stages so that all the fields can still be used with no escapees! Its always so satisfying to stand back and check out all your hard work with a nice fence!

The tortoises are a great indicator of the changing seasons as they start to slow down and prepare to hibernate. Terrance and Tequila are enjoying dozing off for longer than normal in their straw until they finally have their nice long winter rest!

We have had some corking apples from our orchard this year and they are making some delicious apple juice! With all the fruits grown at the farm we have got a bumper crop of juices and jams to sell on our December sales day (2/12/17).

We have also had some postcards printed with various farm pictures on them. So if you are looking for a post card or a thank you card come check them out by the till in Berrys cafe πŸ™‚


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