Winter Wonderland

All the snow certainly seemed to bring Christmas in with a bang! The pregnant ewes were top of our list for food and water and they were pretty keen to be fed!

The woodland is continuing through its re-generation process and it is really starting to take shape! We also have some fantastic native plants to put in the under growth which will encourage more wildlife.

There is lots going on with the veg beds but for now it is safely tucked away under a layer of compost! The winter pots on the other hand are showing off in all the winter weather and look fantastic on a frosty winters morning.

The horses had a great frolic in the snow and although we normally leave them without rugs on as they have enough fluff to keep them toasty, we decided to rug them all up on the Friday before the snow just in case thank goodness!

We would like to end this blog by saying a huge thank you to all our friends old and new that continue to support the farm by fundraising, attending open days or volunteering their time. Without you the farm wouldn’t be able to continue growing, developing and thriving. Finally we would like to say a huge thank you to all of the project workers who work incredibly hard through rain, snow and sun to keep the farm in tip-top condition. We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year 🙂

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