New Recruits

Once again we have had another busy and rather hot few weeks at the farm! The warm weather has certainly been testing and we have now become very skilled at finding shady areas to carry on working in! The wood work team have been incredibly busy building a new office which is absolutely fantastic!

The autumn bedding plants are starting to spring into action and we have some really fantastic plants and baskets available this year! All are on sale at the front of Berrys Cafe so if your passing be sure to pop in and take a look!

Our goat collection has grown in the past few weeks! You may remember seeing on our facebook page that we have taken ownership of two pygmy goats from Widney school called Rocky and Oreo. They have settled in wonderfully and have now been joined by two more baby goats (pictured above) called Pickle (with the big ears) and Angus. Cola are existing goat hasn’t got long to enjoy been the tallest as Pickle will soon be as big as he is!

The horses are enjoying the cooler weather now as are the gardening team who are now back to cutting the grass after the small bit of rain we had greened the farm back up again!

Finally here is pineapple of our two farm cats enjoying some early morning sunshine whilst demanding to be fed!


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