Lloyds lend a hand

Last week we had a huge team (over 100 people!) come from Lloyds to come and tackle some projects at the farm with us. By the end of the day it looked like a fairy godmother had come and waved a magic wand around the farm!

The groups split into several teams tackling different projects around the farm. Three of the teams headed to the winter field where the horses and sheep will be throughout the winter. The fields fence line was tidied up as the team pruned back a lot of branches allowing us to check the fencing a lot easier before the field is put back into use! Another team tackled some of the docks which love to grow around the gateway, docks have tap roots which can be up to 3 feet in length! Luckily the sheep love to munch on branches so they will make a start on removing the huge pile of branches!

The rest of the field team tackled creating a path to the new field shelter. As many of you will know the fields get very wet and muddy during the winter and feeding the animals in the mud can feel like an Olympic sport! With the new path way it ensures that everyone can safely enter the field to help feed the animals without having to tend with the mud.

The decking also got some attention and is now cleaned and sealed ready for winter after being used a lot during this baking hot summer!

The old horse-box where we used to store the hay got a radical transformation! All of the old wood was stripped away ready to re-build it for a new purpose – a prosecco bar for weddings! It’s still an ugly duckling at the moment but it wont be long until it’s a beautiful swan!

The vegetable beds and the poly tunnel beds benefited from a thorough weeding ready for all of the winter veg to get planted up soon. The new poly tunnels we be constructed in the next couple of months!

Last but not least another team helped us undertake the huge task of moving into the new office whilst our old office gets a much-needed makeover!

We can’t thank all of the members of the Lloyds team enough for coming and spending the day at the farm and helping us tackle so many jobs! The project workers have really enjoyed seeing the transformation take place all over the farm. The team also donated over Β£300 from a collection over their lunch break which is so incredible generous on top of them working so hard throughout the day.

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