Cadent came and conquered

Over the past couple of weeks we have been joined by some fantastic employees from Cadent who have totally transformed the far end of the farm! Cadent who look after gas pipes all of the UK bought all their skills, man power and machines to achieve something truly amazing!

Some of you may have seen the big lump of soil we had positioned at the end of the farm with the long-term plan of turning into a sensory garden feeling very much in the future.

The Cadent team came in and set to work by beginning to strim the whole area to remove as many weeds as possible. Then they called in some serious machine power to level out the area and make it into a useable, plantable area. They didn’t stop there! The small pond and seating area in the corner also received the magic wand and is now a great area to look out over the other gardens. It is also home to three new fish!

Outside the front of the new office the team have extended the car park, a serious task involving over 140 tonnes of hardcore! The hardcore needed leveling, rolling and whacking into place and was a huge area to undertake. This area will provide some much-needed extra parking to free up space in the existing car park when its time for the project workers to go home in the afternoons.

Also thanks to Cadent to the side of the new office we now have three amazing separate pot, veg and hand wash areas. All fully functioning and ready to go! We cannot enough emphasize how hard this team worked on this huge project, many staying past their normal working hours to get the job done. Chris in particular even came in during his annual leave to make sure that the job was done to the highest of standards.

The project workers really enjoyed having the Cadent team join us over the past couple of weeks, they have seen the project evolve through the week and they are full of ideas of what to do in the sensory garden! The baseball caps, bags and pens donated have been much appreciated, especially the caps which are now in full use all over the farm! We cannot thank the team enough and cant wait to see them again in the future!


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