A magic wand is waved around the farm…

Despite the weather last week was full of productivity at the farm. The NEC maintenance team came in for the week to help continue renovating the cabin located down the end of the farm ready for it to evolve into an outdoor children’s nursery. It appeared to be transformed from an ugly duckling to a swan and now looks fantastic. Many thanks to the team that came for their time and all their hard work and expertise!

IMI (an engineering company) also came on mass to the farm on Thursday with over 65 people coming to help with various jobs on the farm.  These included continuing the concrete path down to the forest schools area, painting the stables, painting the inside and outside  of the nursery cabin, painting the decking outside the new building, repairing the straw house in forest schools, clearing and mulching the forest schools area and starting to fence around the pond – phew what a list! There was a great team sprit from the of set and the farm appeared to have a ‘changing rooms experience’ in one afternoon! IMI also very generously gave a donation of £2000 towards the farm. On behalf of the farm we would like to thank IMI and all their staff for all the hard work and their donation, it is greatly appreciated.

And finally another huge thank you to National Grid who came to work on the farm a few weeks ago, as they raised a whopping £904 for the farm which was then doubled by the company resulting in a grand total of £1808! Thanks to all the staff involved in raising the money for the farm we will definitely put it to good use.

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