Planters, Pies and Poly Tunnels…

The planters are all ready for their new home and will be taken early next week. Three of the horses had a visit from the vet this week to have some dental checks done which they weren’t overly keen on! Our smallest horse Miss Marple was by far the naughtiest and after some spectacular acrobatics in the stable we decided to give her a small amount of sedation to help her calm down! The poly tunnels are being filled up fast with tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, mixed lettuces, beetroot, radishes, spring onions, and chard. Also in the poly tunnels there are a nice display of sweet peas brightening everything up.

With all this rain and sunshine the grass is growing like wildfire so the groups are very busy out on the gardening round trying to keep on top of the allotments and gardens. In all this wet weather the kitchen has been fantastic at supplying a fresh warm meal or soup to those project workers that want it.  It is certainly reassuring to know that you have a nice hot pie waiting for you’re after a cold wet morning poo picking the fields!

Finally the surprise kittens we discovered some weeks ago are growing rapidly! The mom cat still insists at hissing at us but secret loves the amount of cat food she gets daily. They are still quite secretive and will occasionally disappear for a few days at a time! This picture was taken on Monday and by Tuesday they have gone on another small adventure!

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