The farm continues to develop…

The electricity cable is almost fully functioning and just needs a little more wiring to be done before it is fully functional! Woo Hoo! The manège where we work the horses is next on the list of things to get a make over and will also be up and running in the next few weeks! As well as using this ourselves we will hopefully rent it out to members of the public who wish to use it. We now have 30 eggs in the incubator to add to our flock of chickens in the near future, and although we love the brown chickens we are hoping for a mix of colours! We have put our initials on each of the eggs to see whose hatches first!

The guys out gardening are as busy as ever and have the massive task of trying to keep on top of the grass at the farm which seems to be drinking rocket fuel judging  by the amount it’s growing at the moment! The wood work groups have been busy constructing a ramp and steps into the outdoor nursery cabin. Its manicure and pedicure day for the horses today, they have enjoyed a night back on the farm field so that they are all ready for their feet to be done! They will be moving back over to our rented field tonight so that the farm field can continue to rest ready for winter.

The king kong sunflowers have taken off now and are much taller than most of us! The cucumber plants have started to produce and so we have all being enjoying lots of cucumber! (as have the chickens). The whole area around the poly tunnels and green house is having a big tidy up ready for a new gravel path.

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