Its almost Christmas…

Well what a mixed bag of weather we have had over the last two weeks! Work on the farm is as busy as ever! The soil has made its way into the cottage garden and the vegetable beds ready for next years planting. Although this took up some of the soil it still looks like we have giant moles on the farm!


The riding arena is now complete and has a top layer of rubber on it. This will help to stop the sand from freezing, making the arena useable all year round for ourselves and those who wish to hire it out.

photo(3)The wood work team have been busy producing all sorts of things recently. One of their creations (pictured above) is now at home in the cottage garden!

photo(4)Chef caused chaos with his terms and conditions for the free lemon drizzle cake this week! Berry’s Cafe is in full festive mode and is now home to lots of Christmas lights and a tree. We will be having two days of Christmas dinners next week on Thursday and Friday πŸ™‚ Project workers wont be participating in work activities on these two days and will be taking part of lots of fun instead!


photoThe horses have come back onto the farm field for this weekend as all the water troughs had started to freeze up.Β  They all have full winter coats now to keep them warm through the cold weather, however when the weather gets really cold they have got extra rugs to wear to keep them warm and dry.


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