Wet, windy and its almost winter….

Sorry for the quiet times on the blog! The farms internet has been very temperamental in all the wet/ windy weather so its been difficult to get online! The upside to all the wet weather is that we have seen some great rainbows over the farm in the last two weeks!

photo 2 (1)

As always the farm continues to be busy in all areas. The gardening team are starting to begin their winter contracts as the grass has almost stopped growing.  Winter work includes small landscaping jobs, hedge cutting and leaf collecting. It also includes lots of log splitting so that we can keep a good supply of logs to use in our log burner to heat Berry’s Cafe with.

photo 1 (1)

We will shortly be welcoming some new arrivals to the farm. We have purchased five Jacob sheep which will be used within the animal care section as well as helping us keep on top of our horse grazing! Our eco-friendly lawn mowers are all ewes and although we have no intentions to breed from them for now it may be something we can look into in the future.

This week we will be focusing on getting the farm field ready for our new arrivals! That involves a whole new line of stock fencing at the bottom of the field and an extra rail placed at the bottom of our existing post and rain fencing to keep the little beasties in!

photo 3

We will keep everyone updated when the sheep arrive! For more updates please take a look at our twitter page as we regularly update this when we are doing various tasks around the farm. Find us on twitter here https://twitter.com/FarmNbf



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