February is flying!

Well we have just about managed to squeeze a quick blog into february! Where has the year gone already?!

In our last blog we told you about our plans for the aviary and wow how much have we done since then! The project workers worked incredibly hard to make sure that the slab base was all taken up and re-laid perfectly level. They did a fantastic job and we seemed to pick a good time to do it as we managed to avoid the rain (shocking!).

The company that built the aviary for us kindly offered to put it up for free. They had it all constructed within an hour which allowed us to spend the afternoon getting very excited about designing the inside of it for the birds! We now have 9 budgies in residence and we are hopeful to build the numbers up to around 12 in the coming weeks.

They already have bags of character and we cant wait to see if they will breed this summer!

In the wood work barn the guys have been busy creating all sorts from hay feeders for the horses to owl book ends. The creativity seems to be oozing out of the doors as you walk past and you cant help but want to pop in and have a look at what they are up to!

photo (23)

The horticulture groups have been busy tending to the various small gardens we have dotted around the farm. They have also added a new nbf planted sign outside of the cafe which will soon be full of daffodils!

photo (22)

The gardening group are getting all their machines ready for a busy mowing season ahead. It has been so mild over the last few days that the grass seems to be growing already! We arent moaning though, this break in the wet wild weather has been most welcome at the farm! We were getting ready to build some boats!

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