Autumn Bliss

September is here and with that it brings a new batch of new jobs to do at the farm!


Top of that list is apple juicing! We are fortunate enough to have a very productive orchard at the farm which produces a mass of fruit including apples, pears, plums and damsons! Down in the vegetable beds we also have plenty of berries to turn into jams!


As there is a lot of work taking place on Berry Hall Lane at the moment we are postponing our open day until 27th and 28th November 2015. We will combine our open day with a Christmas Sales day, where the project workers will have lots of lovely gift ideas ready for Christmas. We will provide more information nearer the time but we are excited to run a day like this as we have never had a Christmas Sales day before! Here’s a small taster of what we will have on offer…


One of our Shetland ponies Morse suffers from a condition in the spring and summer called sweet itch. This causes him to be highly allergic to insect bites which makes him scratch uncontrollably. Even with special rugs he still makes the sides of his neck and back-end sore and scabby which then in turn makes him more itchy! The warmer weather we get in Autumn can really upset Morse as by then he has got quite a good winter coat grown, causing him to be hot so we help him out by shaving it off and allowing his skin to breathe! By doing it in September this gives his skin time to settle down, keeps him cool, and gives him times to grow another winter coat before the real cold weather sets in.


The veg patch is really productive at the moment with lots of pumpkins getting ready for delicious pumpkin soup to warm us in winter!


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